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About Udichi

Since the world has entered into the internet era India has suffered a major setback especially in the literary and employment field. Overpopulation is the key to these dilemmas and the fierce competition in job areas leaves the lives of educationally backwards classes hanging by a thread.
Udichi is an organisation that provides these people with modernised training and education following the up to date curriculum that will further secure them worth while jobs in the long run. In skill development sector especially they will receive guidance on how to hone various skills like CNC machine Operator, plumbing. Solar electrician, Tailoring and in many more field. Above all they will be able to contribute as a reasonable member of society in preserving the glorious Indian culture that has faded in the modern age.
We give them a new chance at Life by viewing them as differently abled people rather than disabled for the mutual benefit of a brothers and sisters and the Indian economy Udichi is one of the Tagore's houses in Shantiniketan and literary means one who likes to prosper.
Much of India's potential or rather potential to prosper has been held back by in accessibility to various resources for the major rural population. So I Sandeep Basu and the Udichi association come together as the prosperous family and welcome and serve them with open hearts. We make sure to activities such as women empowerment, environment protection, livelihood generation , talent exposure that every son daughter or whatever they identify as is able to say we will instead of we can't.

Our team members

Swati Basu

Sandip Basu

Neeraj Tiwari

Mrittika Basu

B. Chatterjee

Udichi Advantages

Udichi assessment process incorporates full life cycle of third party assessment thus providing holistic coverage with focused approach. Discerning features of Udichi third party assessment has the following distinctive advantages

  • 1. Approved body of NCVT, DGT, MSDE, and SSC
  • 2. Curriculum alignment as per training needs
  • 3. Various liason with NSDC and DGT on behalf of training body
  • 4. Widely acceptable certificates.
  • 5. As third party certifications is mandatory, we provide our highest level of solution
  • 6. Assessors from industry and educational background approved by SSC or DGT
  • 7. Explore better opportunity
  • 8. Enhance their visibility
  • 9. Hold proof of their knowledge